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Death Ring (1993)

Nomination Year: 1997
SYNOPSIS:  Norris! Swayze! McQueen! And Billy Drago as the bad guy. How could you go wrong?

For starts, it's not the Norris, Swayze, or McQueen that you probably wanted to see. And the plot? Stop me if you've heard this before: on a deserted island, a group of rich guys stage a special kind of hunt....

Matt (Norris) is a special-forces instructor who uses his training to win a local "Survival of the Fittest" contest, little knowing that it's a convenitent vehicle for choosing who becomes the prey for the Death Ring hunters. The Death Ring is this really cheesy ring that the "winner" of the hunt gets to wear.

Overall, there were some nice touches in this entry in an otherwise long-ago-run-into-the-ground genre. Which is why you only have one nomination for this film, and no wins.

"Wanna Run That By Me Again?"

There Is No "P" in Our Dialogue. No Sense, Either.
Matt and his girlfriend are hanging around her pool (he barely gets by, but she's loaded). She passes along something that their mutual friend "Skylord" the Chopper Pilot said about Matt. "He says it's like you're on fire. I guess he means there's something unfinished in your life."

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Mike Norris son of martial artist/actor Chuck Norris 
Billy Drago took his mother's last name professionally because there was already a SAG member called "Bill Burrows" 
Chad McQueen son of actor Steve McQueen; studied martial arts under Chuck Norris; "Dutch" in The Karate Kid 
Don Swayze younger brother of actor Patrick Swayze 
Branscombe Richmond also a stunt coordinator 
Director Claim to Fame
R.J. Kizer husband to cousin of sarah-marie belcastro 

Kevin Hogan

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