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The Brain (1988)

Nomination Year: 1992
SYNOPSIS:  As a troubled teenager, one would think he'd be used to not being believed, but this time he's telling the truth. A hideous Monster Brain from Outer Space has landed in his suburban town and, with the help of a human lackey, is taking over the minds of the populace through psychic waves transmitted over the local television signal. As if that weren't bad enough, the youth and his girlfriend have a bigger problem -- the whole town's after them! And if it isn't stopped, the mutant, man-eating Brain will soon take over the world!

Smithee Award Winner! Oblivious

If You Hurry, You Can Still Head 'Em Off!
Our two youths are in a tight spot. They've been arrested, sure, but that's not the half of it. An axe-weilding maniac, Dr. Brain's toady, has just decapitated the arresting officer. The pair takes off. The chubby maniac can't keep up, but he has a better idea. Here comes another cop car! So he flags down the passing police cruiser with the bloody axe and yells: "It's that kid! He's crazy! He killed him -- chopped his head clean off! They went that way!" Of course, the cops head off to chase the teens. The henchman drops the axe and leaves.

Stupidest-Looking Monster

Brain Food
Our two teens are in a tight spot (again). They're being chased by the fat henchman through a boiler room. They round a corner. The henchman rounds the corner and bam! He runs slap into the Brain itself! The Brain looks kinda like a giant foam brain, but with one major difference: it's got a huge, angry face on it, complete with eyes and a gaping maw. The henchman gets eaten, chewed up by its rows of sharp, pointy teeth. Yum!


The Great Hood-ini
Having escaped from the axe-weilding lunatic, they hide out in the local (closed) high school. Problem: they're each wearing a set of handcuffs. So the boy pops off down to the metal shop to look for something to free them, while the girl makes an obligatory "Don't-worry-about-me-Daddy-I'm-all-right" call, so as to let her mind-controlled father find out where they are; but I digress. In the metal shop, the boy has located just the thing: a pair of long-handled bolt cutters! We see him pick them up with his cuffed hands. Next thing you know, the camera's cut to the hallway, where the girl has just hung up the phone. Walking down the hallway is the boy, bolt cutters in one hand, broken handcuffs in the other. Now there is no way in Heck he'd have been able to free himself with those cutters, if you think about it. The cutters rely on leverage, which means you have to grasp the handles at the widest part to do anything with them -- and the cuffs would have prevented him from moving his hands apart. Plus, even if he could have done that, he'd have had to be cutting toward himself, another sticky leverage problem. You'd have to be a Toon to use those things without help, but then, you wouldn't need them.

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David Gale  
Susannah Hoffman  
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Ed Hunt  

Anne O'Nymous

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