The Brain That Would Not Die (1959)
The Brain That Wouldn't Die
The Head That Would Not Die
The Head That Wouldn't Die

Nomination Year: 1993
SYNOPSIS:  A scientist discovers a way to preserve a human head so that the brain can be kept alive indefinitely. That same day (wouldn't you know it), he and his fiancee are in a car accident and she is killed. He keeps her head alive in a pan down in his basement, along with his other grotesque experiments. As he goes out shopping for a new body for his fiancee, the suicidal head (which can somehow talk without lungs) grows in mental power. The head establishes a psychic rapport with the nearby "creature in the closet," which she unleashes, finally fulfilling her death wish while taking a few others along with her.

Best One-Liner

Let's Put Our Heads Together
Head, to Closet Creature: "I am only a head, and you are whatever you are, but together, we are strong!"

Crummiest Ending

Quit While You're a Head
The misguided scientist comes down the stairs with the unconscious body of a model he once dated -- he lured her and drugged her. But the head has other plans. She shows him the dead body of the housekeeper and, in terror, the scientist conveniently backs up against the closet. A meaty arm comes crashing through the wooden door and begins choking the mad doctor to death. In the struggle, script-specific chemicals are spilled, which start a roaring fire in the basement. With the doctor dead, the "Closet Thing" takes the body of the girl upstairs, leaving the head to burn. In a dramatic final line, the head says, to no-one in particular: "I told you you should have let me die." We know how she feels and couldn't agree more.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Jason Evers In Basket Case 2, The Brain That Would Not Die, and Claws 
Virginia Leith  
Eddie Carmel Called "The Jewish Giant," one of the tallest men on Earth; was in the circus 
Director Claim to Fame
Joseph Green  

Bryan Cassidy

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