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Bride of the Monster (1955)
Bride of the Atom
Monster of the Marshes

Nomination Year: 1995
SYNOPSIS:  An intrepid female reporter stumbles across the gruesome experiments of quintessential mad doctor Bela Lugosi and his gargantuan assistant Lobo (Tor Johnson). It seems that the doctor, having been drummed out of his own country, has relocated his giant-monster enterprise here. The reporter's boyfriend tries to rescue her, but really isn't much help. It takes Lobo, who, smitten with the heroine, betrays the mad doctor and subjects him to his own diabolical giant-making machine. After a police shoot-out, the doctor gets struck by lightning while being eaten by an atomic octopus. Thus is the fate of any who would "tamper in God's Domain."

Stupidest-Looking Monster

To simulate a giant octopus, Ed Wood took close-up Stock Footage of a real octopus (in what is obviously a tank) and interspersed it with a horrifically fake-looking giant foam-rubber octopus. Even in black-and-white, it's apparent that the coloring doesn't match up, not that it would fool a two-year-old even if the colors were exactly the same.


The Disappearing Pencil Trick
During a conversation back at the newspaper offices, a secretary has a pencil behind her ear in some shots. The pencil clearly vanishes whenever the other person is talking. Then it reappears when she talks. Amazing!

Smithee Award Winner!MegaMetaSmithee Award Winner! Crummiest Ending

He Tampered in God's Domain
This one truly has to be seen to be believed. So I'll just give you the short version: Grrr! Bang-bang! Grrr! Day/night/day! Bang-bang! Grrr! Styrofoam rock! Roll! Grrr--Argh! Splash! Octopus! Lightning! Zap! BOOOOOMMM! Nuclear Explosion! "He tampered in God's Domain." The End.

Worst Picture

Benedict Lobo
Normally, the verbal and physical abuse Bela heaps upon Lobo doesn't faze the giant. But harming the pretty, soft girl with the soft angora hat is the final straw! Lobo snaps! He disobeys the doctor and ties him to his own monster-making machine and turns it on.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Bela Lugosi THE "Dracula" 
Tor Johnson Huge and pudgy, like the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man come to life, he appeared in many Ed Wood flicks. 
Loretta King  
Tony McCoy  
Harvey Dunn  
Dolores Fuller Ed Wood's ex-girlfriend, which is the only reason she'd be on screen, if you ask me. 
Don Nagel  
Conrad Brooks He was one of the actors who appeared in all three of Ed Wood's classic early movies: Glen or Glenda?, Bride of the Monster, and Plan 9 From Outer Space
Director Claim to Fame
Edward D. Wood, Jr. Hailed as the WORST director of all time 

Anne O'Nymous

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