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Bug (1975)

Nomination Year: 1992
SYNOPSIS:  Strange bugs come up from under the ground. They're heavier than normal, metallic. Oh, and they're hot enough to start fires. Did I mention they could fly? As a local scientist finds out more and more about the bugs, they seem to grow in power and abilities throughout the film. Eventually they start spelling out words on the walls and we discover that they are intelligent, too (well, compared to the rest of the cast, anyway). Soon, they take over the scientist -- can the world be far behind?

Worst Science

Most Ludicrous Science + "Whoops!"
The scientist picks up one of the beetles and begins to describe the characteristics of an insect and how it's different from a spider. As it turns out, the person who nominated this clip (okay, it was me. --Bryan.) mis-heard it as "head, thorax, abdomen -- it's like a spider!", instead of "'s not a spider..." Oh well, we were just hitting our stride in those early days anyway. What this should have been nominated for was Most Ludicrous Premise. The bugs seem to have a new ability every time they appear.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Bradford Dillman Bland leading-man from the '50s through '80s 
Joanna Miles  
Richard Gilliland Was Laurie in Little Women and was also on Designing Women and Operation Petticoat...Hmmm 
Director Claim to Fame
Jeannot Szwarc Directed Jaws 2 

Bryan Cassidy

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