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Buried Alive (1990)

Nomination Year: 1995
SYNOPSIS:  In order to get the insurance money (and the local doctor with whom she's having an affair), a scheming wife kills her husband by drugging him into a coma and then burying him alive. Hubby escapes his coffin, though, and comes "back from the dead" to exact revenge. Which he does.


Directed by Friz Freling
The wife is wandering around the house while the supposedly-dead husband is lurking about, loading his rifle. As one of them goes into a room, the other has just left it. She walks up on the landing upstairs while he looks for her just below. No matter what they do, they keep "happening" to miss each other, often by simply not looking in the proper direction. Was this originally a cartoon script, or what?

Best One-Liner

No, But It Has Dry Pellets
The neighbors' dog won't stop barking, and the wife is finally fed up with it. She rushes down to the closet and pulls out the shotgun. Her lover nervously asks, "Is that a gun?" She says, "Well, it ain't a can of Alpo."

Inane Dialogue

She Should've Been a Detective
By now, they know someone's in the house and out to get them, so she's nervously toting around that shotgun. When her ex-husband rushes at her with a knife, she fires into his chest, point-blank. He flies back 7 or 8 feet, down the basement stairs. Later, she goes down to check on the body, which only results in her and her lover getting locked down in the basement. She tells him, "I think I shot him!" You think? Was it the loud BANG? The flash? The fact he yelled and flew back? Then, there's a sound from above which is unmistakably the sound of furniture being moved. She continues her insightful observations: "He's moving furniture!"

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Tim Matheson Voice of the original Johnny Quest; starred in Solar Crisis; Vice-President on The West Wing 
Jennifer Jason Leigh Was Stacy in Fast Times at Ridgemont High and got more famous from there 
William Atherton Plays pompous and officious jerks like the EPA guy in Ghostbusters and the scummy reporter in the Die Hard films -- not to mention the corrupt professor in Real Genius 
Hoyt Axton Country singer, portly, was the dad in Gremlins 
Director Claim to Fame
Frank Darabont Wrote a lot of Young Indiana Jones and directed both The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile -- what happened? 

Bryan Cassidy

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