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Choke Canyon (1986)
On Dangerous Ground

Nomination Year: 1993
SYNOPSIS:  "Choke" is what you do when you hear the moronic premise. A scientist has discovered a way to harness a limitless source of energy from the sound waves produced by Halley's Comet -- but it will only work from one particular canyon. When the government takes over his precious canyon and (after he refuses to leave) kicks him out by force, it ruins his health and his life's work. Using his scientific knowhow to baffle and confound the troops stationed there, he returns for a one-man rampage of revenge, with predictibly violent results.

Worst Science

In Space, No One Can Hear You Laugh at Idiotic Scientists
They're going to use the "ultra-high-frequency sound waves" from Halley's Comet as a limitless energy source. And it can only be done from this one canyon. I guess that's because it's the one place on Earth where the bulls**t's the thickest.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Stephen Collins The dad on 7th Heaven 
Janet Julian The 2nd Nancy Drew and Cookie on Falcon Crest 
Bo Svenson Big blond action bit-part player, like Marines; The Great Waldo Pepper and North Dallas Forty; was Big Swede in Here Come the Brides 
Lance Henrikson "Bishop" from Alien(s), "Frank Black" on Millennium, and in a lot of Bad Movies, too 
Victoria Racimo A B-Movie (and TV show) bit-part actress 
Robert F. Hoy B-Movie bit-part regular 
Michael Flynn  
Director Claim to Fame
Charles Bail Directed TV's Knight Rider and Manimal 

Bryan Cassidy

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