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Demon Possessed (1993)

Nomination Year: 1997
SYNOPSIS:  A snowmobile race turns ugly for a group of young vacationers when Tom gets severely injured. Miles from help and with a blizzard setting in, they have no choice but to seek shelter in an abandoned lodge they find. One of them goes off for help while the rest settle down until it arrives. Little do they realize that the lodge is the former headquarters of a Satanic boy's camp, and that malignant spirits still haunt the building. Cajoled against her better judgment into playing a Ouija-like game, one of the girls (a latent psychic) inadvertently unleashes the soul of the camp leader, which slyly possesses poor Tom's dead body. One by one, the rest of the gang is picked off in strange and gruesome ways, leaving our heroine the only one to relate the tale to the outside world -- if she can survive.

"Alas, Poor Yorick"

"Doc" Gets an Eye-Sickle and Dies of Cold Cuts
"Doc," The nerdy guy with glasses, is in the kitchen alone and hears a noise outside. Thinking it's his friend (who, unbeknownst to him, is already dead), he goes out into the snow. Nothing. It looks like he's going to survive this little Acting Appropriately Stupid, but no. There's a cracking sound from overhead, and he looks up to see an enormous icicle shooting down from the roof. That's the last thing he sees, since by looking up he makes it easy for the icicle to skewer him in the eye and pin his head to the ground. Blood fountains. Death follows shortly.

Smithee Award Winner! Worst Cover Copy

Aren't You a Little Cold, Sweetie?
The overly-sexy cover has nothing to do with the film. It features a sexy half-naked woman in what appears to be skintight leather bikini lingerie (this is a movie about snow, remember?) holding onto a burning pentagram. Never happened! Nope, uh-uh, not even close.

Worst Picture

What Possessed Them To Make This Film?
Jeanny escapes to her snowmobile with the demon hot on her heels, and the chase is on. Yes, the demon-possessed Tom jumps on a snowmobile, too. Over frozen hill and dale they ride, past the decapitated body of the fool who went off alone for help in one of the earlier scenes. Jeanny rounds a corner and finds a man in a huge Sno-Cat, bearing down on her. She avoids it just in time, but her demonic pursuer isn't as good on the snowmobile, apparently. He gets squashed under the heavy vehicle's treads and vaporizes in a cloud of brimstone. Then there's a final, incomprehensible voice-over, where Jeanny tells how the camp they were at had actually burned down years ago and how she must seclude herself and tell nobody the story. Why'd she tell us, then. I certainly would rather not have known.

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Dawn Laurrie  
Aaron Kjenaas  
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Christopher Webster  

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