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Curse of the Undead (1959)
Mark of the West

Nomination Year: 1994
SYNOPSIS:  Yet another in the severely under-represented genre of Vampire Westerns, this film focuses on a small-town preacher who runs afoul of an unbeaten gunslinger-for-hire. Little does anyone suspect the reason the gunslinger's unbeaten -- he's a vampire who doesn't care if he's a little slow on the draw, since ordinary bullets can't hurt him. The vampire has designs on his pretty landlady, the preacher's girlfriend. When the preacher discovers his unholy secret, the gunslinger challenges him to a duel -- at high noon, no less. Can even God help the preacher now (or this film)?

Crummiest Ending

Caught in the Crossfire
In the final showdown at high noon, the vampire... Wait a second. High noon? Vampire? Yep. Apparently this vampire isn't bothered by sunlight. Anyway, the gunslinger and preacher draw. The vampire can't be killed, but somehow the preacher shoots, he scores! The vampire turns to dust and blows away. Silver bullet? Nope. The preacher plucks something from the pile of dust that was once his opponent to reveal there's a cross on the front of the bullet (supposedly the one from the preacher's lapel -- don't ask me how he made it stick). God help us.

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Eric Fleming  
Michael Pate  
Kathleen Crowley  
Helen Kleeb  
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Edward Dein  

Bryan Cassidy

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