Cyclone (1987)

Nomination Year: 1994
SYNOPSIS:  Heather Thomas plays a beautiful woman (no stretch there) whose boyfriend is mysteriously killed with an ice pick. While cleaning up his apartment, she stumbles across a clandestine laboratory which houses a top-secret motorcycle, complete with all sorts of nifty gadgets. It turns out that her boyfriend was a scientist who secretly developed high-tech weaponry. No sooner has she made the discovery than the ice pick killers come after her. Tutored by a videotape left by her boyfriend, she uses the motorcycle to blaze a trail of vengeance through the covert underworld organization that murdered her beloved.

Smithee Award Winner! "Cutting Butter With A Chainsaw"

Cycle of Violence
Heather is on the ultra-cycle, fleeing from the bad guys. One evil woman is chasing her on a (normal) cycle; the other baddies are in a car way behind. Heather finally gets tired of running and decides to fight. She screeches to a halt, whipping her super-cycle around to face the oncoming motorcycle. Heather fires laser bursts from the Cyclone, but misses four times. However, Evil Woman was distracted enough on that last near-miss to lose control of her cycle and plow into a parked car -- CRASH! She and her bike fly into the air! But Heather's still feeling cranky. While the rider is in mid-air, she fires rear-mounted surface-to-air missiles at her foe! BOOM! The parked car explodes right under the flying body! The (burnt) rider lands, followed soon after by her cycle -- right on top of her. But Heather's not done yet. Coming up fast is the car carrying the rest of the bad guys. A short blast from one of the Cyclone's weapons causes a spectacular Stephen J. Cannell flip-crash (remember "The Dukes of Hazzard" and "The A-Team?"). One baddie (Evil Woman's beau) crawls out and staggers to his badly-injured feet. He sees the remains of his girlfriend and screams at Heather: "I'll kill you!!!" Not a smart tactic. Heather dons her motorcycle helmet. Twin laser beams stab out from the helmet and incinerate the baddie (complete with that familiar man-on-fire dance). Ouch.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Heather Thomas Gorgeous gal on The Fall Guy 
Jeffrey Combs  
Ashley Ferrare  
Dar Robinson  
Robert Quarry Count Yorga 
Troy Donahue  
Dawn Wildsmith  
Michael Sonye  
Director Claim to Fame
Fred Olen Ray in addition to directing films, he wrestles in the ACW 

Bryan Cassidy

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