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The Death Ship (1980)
Death Ship

Nomination Year: 1993
SYNOPSIS:  When a passenger liner sinks, only a handful of people manage to save themselves. Floating in their tiny lifeboat, they eventually come across a big ship heading toward them, but which doesn't respond to their cries for help. They contrive to get aboard by themelves, only to reveal that the ship is entirely deserted...or so it would seem. Violent visions and bizarre deaths begin to plague the survivors, who learn too late that the ship houses Nazi ghosts, damned to drift the seas forever.

Acting Appropriately Stupid

Best When Used by 1953
There they are, on this spooky old boat, filled with strange happenings and noises. One of the women finds a jar of candies in one of the cupboards, so of course she just nonchalantly eats a couple. Later, while watching a leftover Nazi propaganda film, her skin erupts and she essentially turns into a pile of goo and dies. Can't say I have much sympathy. What was the thought process here? "Hmm. I think I'll just chow down on some of this fifty-year-old candy I found aboard this haunted ship. Yum." She got her just desserts, if you ask me.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
George Kennedy You've probably seen him a lot; Frank Drebin's sidekick in the Naked Gun films 
Richard Crenna  
Nick Mancuso  
Director Claim to Fame
Alvin Rakoff  

Bryan Cassidy

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