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Food of the Gods 2 (1989)
After Food of the Gods
Food of the Gods II
Food of the Gods Part 2
Gnaw: Food of the Gods II

Nomination Year: 1993
SYNOPSIS:  Another heartwarming giant rat tale. What does this film have to do with the previous? Not much, really, except that we briefly see a giant baby who is a supposed victim of the "water contamination" mentioned at the end of the first film. Other than that, Food of the Gods 2 is its own entity -- unfortunately. This one's about univeristy professor Neil Hamilton (Paul Coufos) researching a way to make plants (and, incidentally, animals) grow to enormous size. He's successful -- a little too successful. Some of the laboratory rats are "liberated" by an animal-rights group and make off with the miracle substance. Soon, all the rats on campus are the size of Buicks, merrily chowing down on students, faculty, and staff. They call in a militant rat-control specialist, but to no avail. Throw in a jealous rival scientist who steals the formula and a money-grubbing dean who won't cancel events for fear of a drop in enrollment, and you've got Food of the Gods 2, a Bad Movie feast that's sure to leave a bad taste in your mouth.


I Dunno, It Still Beats Community College
Dean White insists nothing is wrong, and then orders the professor not to breathe a word of their pest control problems to anyone, saying, "If word gets out that people are being eaten by giant rats, no-one is going to want to send their kids here..."

Smithee Award Winner! "Let's Up The Rating To 'R'"

Is It the Serum Making You Grow Like That?
Dr. Hamilton is working late one night. He gets this strange look on his face and, seemingly unable to help himself, begins to inject himself with his growth serum. Almost immediately, soft hands begin to caress him from behind. His sexiest female student has walked in and begins to come on to him. He grows to enormous size (yes, all of him, you filth-mongers) and they have giant-sex on a bed of plants in his lab. In case you hadn't figured it out by now, it was all a dream in the end: he wakes up at the microscope. I guess you don't need a degree in Freudian Psychology to figure this one out, but still, it furthered absolutely nothing about the plot.

Worst Science

Mitosis at the Speed of Light!
The slimy rival scientist steals Neil's hormones and takes them back to his lab. He tests the serum on a clearly-abused dog. When he looks at a tissue sample on a microscope slide, he concludes gleefully: "It's the speed of light!" As he's musing on it's multi-billion dollar applications as a baldness cure, the slide bursts, embedding shards of serum-contaminated glass into his skin. Shortly thereafter, he bursts in a form of very messy poetic justice.

"Cutting Butter With A Chainsaw"

They Used To Work out of Texas
The college calls rat exterminators, who arrive with customized flame throwers and other heavy-duty ordnance. Bear in mind that at this point, nobody knows that the rats are the size of baby elephants: they would've brought that stuff anyway.

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Paul Coufos  
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