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Gunslinger (1956)
The Gunslinger
The Yellow Rose of Texas

Nomination Year: 1995
SYNOPSIS:  Description of the movie's "plot" goes here.


"What's My Room Number Again?"
The number is on the INSIDE of the hotel room door, somehow.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
John Ireland Was married to Bo Derek 
Beverly Garland she has a solid film career since 1950, and continues to work as an actress in Hollywood 
Jonathan Haze Buddy Rich's cousin, Seymour in the original Little Shop of Horrors film 
Allison Hayes she was the 50 foot woman in Attack of the 50 Foot Woman 
Director Claim to Fame
Roger Corman Producer of pretty much everything that was ever crappy, ever, and directed most of it 

Anne O'Nymous

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