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Journey to the Center of Time (1967)
Time Warp

Nomination Year: 1992
SYNOPSIS:  A team of scientists have discovered a means of time travel. They voyage to various eras and encounter strange creatures and beings.

Worst Picture

Just Where the Hell Is the "Center" of Time, Anyway?
During. The. Journey. They. Spin. The. Camera. And. Flash. Each. Crew. Member's. Picture. Up. On. The. Viewscreen. Half. A. Dozen. Times. Superimposed. Over. Cheesy. Stock. Footage. Slowly. Very. Slowly. It's. Truly. Annoying.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Scott Brady  
Anthony Eisley  
Gigi Perreau  
Abraham Sofaer  
Lyle Waggoner was considered for the role of "Bruce Wayne / Batman" in the 1960s TV series; possibly best-known as "Major Trevor" in the Wonder Woman television series 
Director Claim to Fame
David L. Hewitt  

Bryan Cassidy

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