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Kid (1991)
Back for Revenge

Nomination Year: 1995
SYNOPSIS:  A kid (yeah right -- he's about 35) comes back for revenge against the town that killed his family.

"Alas, Poor Yorick"

The Bug Spray Tennis Ball Torture
The "kid" has a shop-owner handcuffed to a chair in the back room. Throughout this scene, the kid doesn't have a single line of dialogue; the shop-owner does all the whining and pleading. Kid opens a new can of tennis balls. He pops one out of the can, bounces it a couple of times. "What are you gonna do with that?" asks the proprietor, nervously. No response. The kid picks up a spray can from the workbench and begins to saturate the tennis ball. "What's that? Is that bug spray? What are you gonna do? I didn't kill your folks! I swear! I'm innocent!" In one smooth, fluid motion, Kid jams the pesticide-soaked ball into the guy's mouth. He gags and gags, weaker and weaker, as his eyes roll back into his head. Then he lies still. Kid gets a brief, puzzled look on his face, as if thinking, "Maybe he didn't do it after all...Oh,well."

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
C. Thomas Howell Rae Dawn Chong's ex-husband who was Ponyboy Curtis in The Outsiders; was also Soul Man 
Sarah Trigger Joanna in the 2nd Bill and Ted film 
Anthony Russell  
Director Claim to Fame
John Mark Robinson  

Bryan Cassidy

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