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Leprechaun 2 (1994)
One Wedding and a Lot of Funerals

Nomination Year: 1995
SYNOPSIS:  The Leprechaun films are those kind of sequels which ignore the previous ones as if they didn't exist. (Which kind is that? The Bad kind, of course. Wish we could ignore the other movies.) Anyway, same actor as the leprechaun, (apparently) different leprechaun. This time, the leprechaun is awakened in modern tiimes and is out to take a bride. And take one he does: a young, beautiful blonde, the descendant of a girl who escaped him centuries ago. Can her boyfriend and his con-artist buddy save her? The boyfriend has only two things on his side: one of the little monster's coins, which protects him from its magic, and a cunningly devious mind.

Best One-Liner

With Tongue
As he paws his lovely captive, the leprechaun gets real close and says, "Kiss me -- I'm Irish." Then he gives her a nice, long, wet lick.

Acting Appropriately Stupid

"I Wish for a Truckload of Pepto-BismolĀ®!"
Cody (the boyfriend) and his old con artist buddy Morty manage to trick the leprechaun into a big, iron safe (faeries are powerless against iron, you know). Now it's off to rescue the girl, right? Well, that's what Cody would have done, but Morty has other plans. He tricks the hero into a closet and locks the door. See, he's heard that when you capture a leprechaun, you get three wishes. Here, I thought that was genies, but it seems to work...kinda. He gets his wishes all right, but they don't go quite as planned. First, he wishes for the lep's Pot O' Gold. Mistake. There are a few clanking sounds, then the geezer drops, in excruciating pain and holding his swelling stomach -- the lep put the pot inside him. The guy screams for the lep to get the gold out of him, but the faerie claims he can't do anything from inside the iron safe. So of course Morty crawls over and releases him. "Your second wish has been granted," announces the evil leprechaun, emerging. He then proceeds to "grant the third wish" by cutting Morty open to get the pot of gold out of his stomach. Ouch.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Warwick Davis Before he was the Leprechaun, he was Willow 
Shevonne Durkin  
Charlie Heath  
Sandy Baron  
Clint Howard Started off as the "This is Tranya" kid on Star Trek, later played with "Gentle Ben," then got relegated to a life of B-Movies. Wouldn't be half so sad if he weren't brother to superstar/director Ron Howard. 
Michael McDonald  
Director Claim to Fame
Rodman Flender  

Bryan Cassidy

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