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Moon 44 (1989)

Nomination Year: 1993
SYNOPSIS:  The convicts in a penal colony on a distant moon are forced to mine a special metal. The only way they can do this is (for some reason) to fly these mini-copters through treacherous cloud-filled canyons with zero visibility. And the only way to do that (for some reason) is to rely on telemetry given to them over the radio by young boys back in the HQ. Actually, all the "pilots" seem to do is steer: the "lifelines" control their speed (for some reason).

Acting Appropriately Stupid

NOW Who's F*cked?
One of the more brutal of the fliers corners his "lifeline" in the showers one evening and begins to humiliate him in front of the rest of the guys. As everyone else files out, he forces the kid to remain behind so he can rape and sodomize him. Now how smart is that? This kid is his only way of navigating those canyons. To (literally) add insult to injury, the con taunts and verbally abuses the kid as he's flying the next mission. You can no doubt guess what happens next: KaBOOM!!!

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Michael ParĂ©  
Lisa Eichhorn  
Dean Devlin  
Brian Thompson  
Malcolm McDowell "Alex" in A Clockwork Orange; "Soran" in Star Trek: Generations; "H.G. Wells" in Time After Time; famous voice, famous face 
Stephen Geoffreys "Evil Ed" from Fright Night; strange-looking guy 
Leon Rippy  
Director Claim to Fame
Roland Emmerich went on to direct art-house fare like Stargate, Independence Day, 1998's Godzilla, and the heartwarming The Day After Tomorrow 

Bryan Cassidy

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