Nail Gun Massacre  (1985)
(Foreign Titles)
Nomination Year: 1996
SYNOPSIS: A woman is brutally raped by a gang of rowdy construction workers. A short while later, a mysterious slender figure wearing a black jumpsuit begins running around and nail-gunning construction workers to death (as well as other people who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time). After a thrillingly un-suspenseful batch of scenes, the Nail Gun Killer is cornered at a construction site, suddenly becomes much chunkier inside that rather-too-tight black jumpsuit, and is finally unmasked. I won't ruin the suspense for you because there is none. The Nail Gun Killer is the rape victim's brother. That's right. The high point (okay, a "less low than usual point") includes the use of a woman as the killer in every scene ... except the scene where the killer is unmasked. You do the math.
Kevin Hogan
Smithee Award Nominations
Smithee Award Winner!MegaMetaSmithee Award Winner! Worst Cover Copy
That's Right, Folks: The Film's Entire Budget Was Less Than the Cost of a Chainsaw
The cover is a drawing, and proudly sports its famous tagline: "It's Cheaper Than a Chainsaw!"
Sorry, this cover has not yet been made available!
A Lasting Leg-a-See
We see the villain jump from the crane to land off-screen. We hear the appropriate "splat" sound effects. Yet, a split-second afterward, we see an entire leg pop up in the corner of the screen.
Sorry, this clip has not yet been made available!
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Bill Leslie  
Terry Lofton  
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Rocky Patterson <Not Yet in Database>  
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