Nine Deaths of the Ninja (1985)
9 Deaths of the Ninja

Nomination Year: 1992
SYNOPSIS:  Description of the movie's "plot" goes here.

Worst Acting

What a Doom-Cough
No, I didn't make the name up: Blackie Dammett plays a wheelchair-bound mad scientist. He's supposed to be German, but he makes no attempt (at least no successful attempt) to change his accent. He merely sprinkles his off-putting performance with "achs" and "neins," which come off more like some American guy just saying "ock" and "nine."

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Shô Kosugi One of the most famous martial artists on film; Hosts his own "Ninja Theater" series of movies 
Emilia Crow  
Vijay Amritraj Famous tennis player. Better athlete than actor, for sure. 
Blackie Dammett  
Kane Kosugi Son of renowned martial artist Shô 
Shane Kosugi Son of renowned martial artist Shô 
Brent Huff these days, he kind of looks like a Poor Man's "Lance Armstrong" 
Director Claim to Fame
Emmett Alston  

Anne O'Nymous

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