Indecent Behavior (1993)

Nomination Year: 1997
SYNOPSIS:  In her college years, a gorgeous sex therapist (Shannon Tweed) had developed a drug which enhances sexual pleasure by decreasing oxygen. Lamentably, one of her test subjects had lied about his chronic heart condition and he died. She was acquitted of any wrongdoing, but ordered to stop all use of the drug. Now, with a burgeoning therapy practice, she's tempted to use just a bit of the drug to help a particularly wealthy and unresponsive patient. He dies (making him even more unresponsive). A police detective is assigned to her case and over the course of the investigation, decides more and more that she really is guilty of manslaughter. The only problem is, he's falling in love with her. To prove the safety of her drug, the therapist takes some herself and makes love to the detective. Afterward, while Shannon's in the bathroom, someone doses the cop with an overdose of the magic drug. As he lies there dying (no doubt with a smile on his face), the real killer is revealed as Carol, the newly-hired sex surrogate ("all part of the sex therapy biz"), who also happens to be the sister of the original dead test subject. Carol, you see, is a bit peeved that Shannon got away scot-free, and so she's killing people and framing Shannon.


Well, the Drug Does Cut Oxygen to the Brain...
Usually, when a villain reveals his/her diabolical plans, the protagonist says something like: "It all makes sense now! You fiend!" Not our heroine Shannon. Villainess: "I hate you! My brother died during one of your early experiments and you were acquitted! Now I'm killing your cop lover and framing you for his murder...bwa-ha-ha-ha!" After a series of puzzled looks, Shannon's response: "Carol, why are you doing this?" The actress is probably wondering the same thing.

This clip was also a potential nomination for Worst Acting that got used here instead. Both ladies are atrocious.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Shannon Tweed Ex-porn star who is now the queen of, well, soft-core porn 
Gary Hudson Bargain basement martial artist 
Michelle Moffett  
Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs Freddy "Boom-Boom" Washington of Welcome Back, Kotter fame 
Jan-Michael Vincent In a lot of action/sci-fi; you've probably seen him. "Hawke" on Airwolf 
George Shannon  
Director Claim to Fame
Lawrence Lanoff  

Bryan Cassidy

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