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Waxwork  (1988)
(Foreign Titles)
Nomination Year: 1992
SYNOPSIS: Description of the movie's "plot" goes here.
Anne O'Nymous
Smithee Award Nominations
Acting Appropriately Stupid
Hey, a Museum! Sounds Like Fun!
The high school girls think nothing of accepting the spontaneously-appearing creepy guy's invitation to come to the equally-instantaneous wax museum at midnight. And they convince their friends!
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Director Claim to Fame
Anthony Hickox  
Actor Character Claim to Fame
Zach Gilligan <Not Yet in Database>  
Deborah Foreman <Not Yet in Database> Played Susan Decker in Real Genius and Julie Richman in the original Valley Girl. As well as a bunch of Smithee fodder. 
Michelle Johnson <Not Yet in Database>  
Dana Ashbrook <Not Yet in Database> "Bobby Briggs" from Twin Peaks; his film debut was a small role in Attack of the Killer Tomatoes 
Miles O'Keeffe <Not Yet in Database> The titular (*cough*) Ator in the franchise of the same name. Sometimes he spells it "O'Keefe." 
Charles McCaughan <Not Yet in Database>  
J. Kenneth Campbell <Not Yet in Database>  
John Rhys-Davies <Not Yet in Database> Sallah in Raiders of the Lost Ark; later Arturo on "Sliders"; even later, Gimli in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. 
Patrick Macnee <Not Yet in Database> "Steed" in The Avengers 
David Warner <Not Yet in Database> Though usually talented, you can find this elegant Brit almost anywhere, most notably the rich guy's heavy in Titanic, the Cardassian "There-Are-Five-Lights" torturer on "Star Trek: The Next Generation," and of course the literal emodiment of Evil in Time Bandits. Oh, and Admiral Boom in Mary Poppins Returns
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