Deadlock (1991)

Nomination Year: 1998
SYNOPSIS:  In a revolutionary new prison of the future, there are no bars or walls. Instead, inmates are "wedded" to each other by means of explosive, radio-sensitive collars. If they stray more than 100 feet from their "mate," their heads blow off. The catch? Nobody knows who their mate is, so escape is impossible (don't ask me why they didn't just make it so the collars activate outside a certain perimeter). A man and a woman "accidentally" escape during an insurrection and must stay close to one another even as they evade the law.

"Alas, Poor Yorick"

Normally "The Speed of Thought" Implies Fast
She knew it was a bomb, yet she stared at it until it went off.

Best One-Liner

Two Views on Marriage
Prison escapee #1: "With the right guy, marriage can be a wonderful institution."
Prison escapee #2: "I just got out of an institution."

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Rutger Hauer Very blond, ruggedly handsome action star who played the main android in Blade Runner 
Mimi Rogers Mrs. Robinson from the Lost in Space movie 
Ed Crick  
Anthony De Longis Maje Cullah on Star Trek: Voyager 
Grand L. Bush  
Director Claim to Fame
Lewis Teague  

Bryan Cassidy

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