Legend of the Dinosaurs  (1977)
Dinosaurs: Legend of the Strange Island
Kyôryuu: Kaichô no Densetsu
Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds
The Legend of the Dinosaurs
Nomination Year: 2007
SYNOPSIS: Mysterious seismic activity at Mt Fuji heralds the awakening of dinosaurs from ancient eggs. And what a coincidence! A local community is holding a "Dragon Festival." An Enka (Japanese country music) band will be there. And the whole film will be scored in up-to-the-date 1970s music with lots of brass. At the news, a geologist abandons his planned trip to Mexico City, and instead heads out to the countryside, intent on finding the living dinosaur eggs that his father always believed were out there.
Kevin Hogan
Smithee Award Nominations
"Wanna Run That By Me Again?"
Dad Always Was a Little Off
The Hero recounts something that his scientist father always used to tell him. "Human beings are animals. But animals which have forgotten that they are animals. Human beings really don't know very much about animals." Yeah. I agree with the "don't know very much" part, at least.
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Worst Special Effect
A Roper, Not a Doper
A girl in a raft is attacked by a large fake dino head plesiosaur. It grabs her leg with its virtually immobile powerful jaws, and hauls her doll body in silhouette high into the air. It catches sight of her "I'm a roper, not a doper" T-shirt, though, and accidentally lets her slip back down into the water.
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Smithee Award Winner!MegaMetaSmithee Award Winner! Worst Science
Of Frogs, Ben Franklin, and Earthquake-Causing Dinos
The Hero and a Scientist buddy of his talk about how they could predict earthquakes, but there would be a panic if they did so. And how Ben Franklin with electricity resurrected a frog that had been in hibernation for millions of years. So if there was a hibernating dinosaur, its reappearance would be accompanied by earthquakes of at least magnitude 5. QED.
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Acting Appropriately Stupid
I Wish They Would Stop Doing That
An absent-minded professor and his student are going to explore some caves. The professor is easily lost, so he has tied himself to a rope, and is unwinding it behind himself as they pass through the woods. Suddenly the student stops! "Professor, you don't have to scare me!" he says. There are bones. "It's OK," the prof says. "People just come here to commit suicide." And they continue on their merry (soon-to-be-fatal) way.
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Worst Picture
Is a Proper Ending Too Much To Hope For? Apparently So.
Set shakes, fire fire fire. Volcano stock footage. Weird Japanese love music. Hero's girlfriend hanging over a chasm. Plesiosaur falls into volcanic crevice. Hero inches toward girlfriend. Fire fire stock footage. Weird Japanese love music swells. Hands reaching. Hero clasps girlfriend's hand. Fire fire fire. Stock footage. The end.
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Director Claim to Fame
Junji Kurata  
Actor Character Claim to Fame
Tsunehiko Watase <Not Yet in Database>  
Nobiko Sawa <Not Yet in Database>  
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