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Hard Hunted (1992)

Nomination Year: 1998
SYNOPSIS:  A sequel to Hard Ticket to Hawaii. Just what the world needed.

In fact, it's a further movie in the same series. Yes, it's a series about beautiful clothing-phobic women who fight an evil drug cartel.

OK, they're not really clothing-phobic, it only seems that way. I imagine that if you watched all the films in this series back-to-back-to-back-to-(etc), you would get about a movie's worth of plot. Instead you get sex.

Oh, do you ever get sex.

The film's plot, such as it is, involves a female secret agent who gets amnesia, and has to be rescued by other secret agents.

...That's pretty much it. No, really.

"Let's Up The Rating To 'R'"

But Couldn't You Attack at Night? Ah, Nevermind.
"There's nothing we can do until morning."
"Even James Bond takes time out for sex."
Cue: Sex.

"Alas, Poor Yorick"

Alas, Poor Yokels
The sheriff and his deputy hide from a missile behind a billboard. Sadly, they are blown up along with the billboard. A lone flaming hat drifts down forlornly.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Dona Speir Playboy Playmate of the Month: March, 1984 
Roberta Vasquez  
Bruce Penhall  
Al Leong Quite often plays the token dirty long-haired Asian 
Brett Baxter Clark  
Director Claim to Fame
Andy Sidaris Makes movies about scantily-clad gorgeous female DEA agents 

Kevin Hogan

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