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On the Edge  (1974)
The Killer with a Thousand Eyes
Los mil ojos del asesino
Quel ficcanaso dell'ispettore Lawrence
Nomination Year: 1998
SYNOPSIS: Our hero is a secret agent. An associate of his is murdered (see "Inane Dialogue" clip below). He shows up to investigate, but the local underground of secret agents (they all know each other -- it's like a weird fraternity thing) has already concluded there is nothing to worry about. Our hero eludes them (see "Oblivious" clip below), and continues to investigate. A tangled trail leads him to suspect (and kill) others of his profession before finally zeroing in on the drug dealer who initially ordered the murder.
Kevin Hogan
Smithee Award Nominations
"Well, He's Halfway to the Plane. Good Enough!"
To fool the highly-trained espionage agents sent to make sure he gets on the plane, the hero simply walks halfway up the gangway, waits for them to turn their backs, then runs away. They never notice.
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Worst Cover Copy
On the Cover, but Not in On the Edge
It's a drawing. Is it even the main character? It's hard to tell. Is it a man or a woman? Is the bulge below the cufflink the swell of a breast, or a tie flapping in the wind? Look at the exciting helicopter chase and car explosion on the cover -- too bad nothing like that even remotely happens in the movie.

The back cover stills (click the picture to see them) are also from some other movie.
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Smithee Award Winner! Inane Dialogue
No One Knows Who Killed Him, But...
"Whoever killed him was really determined to get rid of him."
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Director Claim to Fame
Juan Bosch one of four co-writers of On the Edge 
Actor Character Claim to Fame
Anthony Steffen <Not Yet in Database> one of four co-writers on On the Edge, he also played Django in the series of Spaghetti Westerns by the same name 
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