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Basket Case 2 (1990)

Nomination Year: 1998
SYNOPSIS:  Duane and his deformed, claymation, homicidal, ex-Siamese-twin brother Belial (see Basket Case) escape from their hospital room and flee the authorities. They eventually discover this bizarre halfway house for monsters, run by a kindly old lady with a thing for rehabilitating freaks. There, both brothers find acceptance -- and love. Boy, we really wish they hadn't. Banned in Finland. The U.S. wasn't so lucky.


Maybe He's an Orderly Taking His Laundry Home with Him
Though under arrest, Duane escapes from the hospital with his blob of a deformed brother in a huge basket, and a dozen people fail to notice him. Even though his head is bandaged and he's limping along in a leg cast. One of those "I guess they had to escape or there'd be no movie" deals.

Smithee Award Winner! Stupidest-Looking Monster

Wackyland in the Attic
Grandma Ruth shows Duane and Belial their new home and introduces them to the family of freaks in the attic. It was really hard to choose one; all the attic-dwellers are exceedingly lame: moon-head (think "Mac Tonite"), bumpy-face, big-teeth, and others. But if you had to finger only one, the giant mouth-on-legs that sings opera would win hands -- er, tongue-down.

Best One-Liner

"Hey, These Inkblots All Look Like Me!"
At Grandma Ruth's Monster Therapy Clinic, Ruth has a session with Belial. Slowly and seriously, she says: "I understand your sadness. I understand your pain. But ripping the faces off people may not be in your best interest." I don't know how she kept a straight face.

Smithee Award Winner! Acting Appropriately Stupid

I Must've Accidentally Hit "Zoom"
A nosy reporter has heard rumors of Ruth's freak farm and "sneaks" up to the attic for some pictures of the monsters. He pops his upper half up the trapdoor and snaps some photos. With each flash, it's clear (to us, anyway) the monsters are moving closer and closer toward him, but all he does is flash away with his camera until it's far too late.

Smithee Award Winner! Worst Picture

You See, Timmy, When One Latex Monster Puppet Loves Another Latex Monster Puppet Very Much...
Get out the shrimp fork before you watch this scene, folks, 'cause you won't be needing your eyes afterward. Belial does the nasty (and I do mean NASTY) with his female blob counterpart and unfortunately for sanity, nothing is left to the imagination, probably because human imagination can't begin to visualize anything close to the reality of seeing it. Moans, groans and (for lack of a better term here) "facial expressions" abound. As if that weren't bad enough, we cut to Duane and Susan in the bedroom, about to follow suit, when suddenly Susan's freakish nature is revealed: she is three years pregnant, and has a grotesque hand puppet living in her abdomen. So Duane does the only sensible thing and pushes her out the window (actually, she flies out, like the hero in Witchboard does at the end). All in all, only one word describes it: "EEEEWWWWWWW!!!"

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Kevin VanHentenryck Pretty much just the Basket Case guy 
Annie Ross Plays the distinguished-looking old lady, usually 
Jason Evers In Basket Case 2, The Brain That Would Not Die, and Claws 
Director Claim to Fame
Frank Henenlotter Director of the Basket Case series and Frankenhooker 

Bryan Cassidy

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