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Dolemite (1975)

Nomination Year: 1999
SYNOPSIS:  The plot of this film is essentially an excuse for Rudy Ray Moore to do some stand-up in an action-film setting. Having said that, I will now try to summarize it. Essentially, Dolemite (RRM) has to regain control of his nightclub while fighting corrupt city officials, and others. Luckily, he has Queen Bee and her kung-fu Dolemite Girls. And he still manages to sneak in some standup.


Boom in the Dojo
It's almost a shame to pick out one scene to bust for this. IMDB characterizes it as: "Boom mike visible: Most scenes." But we chose this one. A great, big, juicy boom shot in the dojo. For quite a long time.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Rudy Ray Moore "Dolemite" himself; famous badass and blaxploitation legend 
D'Urville Martin  
Vincent Barbi  
Director Claim to Fame
D'Urville Martin  

Kevin Hogan

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