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The Fourth War (1990)

Nomination Year: 1999
SYNOPSIS:  During the cold war, an American military officer (Roy Scheider) with some serious issues launches a one-man invasion of Czechoslovakia. For some reason this movie keeps showing up on Bravo!, but it still isn't any good.

"Wanna Run That By Me Again?"

"Couldn't You Just Court-Martial Me Instead?"
Woe be the guard who is lackadaisical in his duties. This one is lazy with his salute, and Roy lights into him, including a history of the salute.

Acting Appropriately Stupid

Let's Get Drunk and Single-Handedly Invade Czechoslovakia
Roy gets drunk, and decides to invade Czechoslovakia -- single-handedly. He does pretty well for the first few hundred feet....

Worst Acting

Harry Dean Stanton Begats
Harry Dean Stanton summarizes his favorite part of the Bible. The "begats."

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Roy Scheider Famous Jaws actor who later became captain of the "Seaquest" 
Jürgen Prochnow  
Tim Reid  
Harry Dean Stanton Bud in Repo Man and Toot-Toot (the crazy coot) in The Green Mile 
Lara Harris  
Ron Campbell  
Director Claim to Fame
John Frankenheimer why yes, he did direct the original The Manchurian Candidate 

Kevin Hogan

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