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Back from Hell (1993)
Demon Apocalypse

Nomination Year: 1999
SYNOPSIS:  A would-be actor sells his soul to Satan for fame, but reneges on the deal. Now anyone who looks into his eyes wants to kill him. His only hope is to enlist the aid of a preacher friend of his. Together, they confront blood-spurting satanic ninjas (yes, ninjas) and draw closer to the Ultimate Evil at the center of Satan's plot to take over the world. Will they succeed, or will they be consumed by the very Evil they seek to prevent? Clue: it's that second thing.


Two Glass Eyes?
From an angle of about 4 degrees, a cultist gets the drop on Jack and knocks him over. And he was looking right there!


The Weapons Tree
The heroes come upon a "weapons tree," complete with chainsaws, hedge trimmers, machetes, guns, and other implements of destruction. Jack explains that their Satanic ninja enemies "left these there for us to use...against them. It's the Law of Hell and they know it." WHAT?!

Acting Appropriately Stupid

Satan Drops By for a Friendly Chat
Jack tells Preacher "not to worry, I'm just summoning the Devil to inhabit that corpse." Nothing can go wrong. Bad acting all around, even by Satan.

Smithee Award Winner! Worst Special Effect

He's Big, Big, Big and He's Red, Red, Red -- Big Red!
The Preacher is standing there with his chainsaw. Suddenly, a Satanic ninja stomps up behind him and raises its arm, almost as if waiting for something. That something is the Preacher wheeling around and cutting off the arm with a chainsaw. Suddenly -- it's "Big Red!" The victim spins and spurts fountains of blood, like that Saturday Night Live fake commercial for the viking toy.

Smithee Award Winner! Worst Acting

Drink Booze
Larry DuBois as Jack (sweatshirt guy) explains the plot so far, and does a pretty horrendous job of acting while doing it. He sold his soul, see, and reneged. Now, anyone but his Preacher friend who looks into his eyes wants to kill him. Come to think of it, so do I. What's really idiotic about this scene is Jack's acting: he talks so fast and low as to mumble, and he seems to be struggling to remember what to do. You can see the wheels turning upstairs -- "Okay, now I put my foot on this chair like this. Drink vodka. Line, line, line. Light cigarette." Truly, anyone off the street could do at least as well.

Smithee Award Winner! Worst Picture

The Hand of Doom!
The Preacher is reviewing his Bible. Then suddenly, a demonic hand rips through the pages and grabs his throat! While the book's on the table, it's clearly someone putting their made-up hand through a hole in the table. While it's on his throat, it looks like he's holding it there, 'cause as an obvious prop, it hangs limply. He "struggles" with the hand for a while and finally manages to dislodge it from his throat, only to have it clamp onto his crotch! He grabs a nearby knife, then shakes his head, puts it down, and tries clubbing it with a hammer instead. Anyone who's watched a cartoon knows what happens next. The Hand lets go at that crucial moment, and the Father smacks himself right in the nads. The Hand, its job well done, dissolves into a puddle of maroon-colored goo.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Larry DuBois  
Shawn Scarbrough  
Matt Jaissle Producer/Director of Back from Hell and others 
Director Claim to Fame
Matt Jaissle Producer/Director of Back from Hell and others 

Bryan Cassidy

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