Night of the Comet (1984)

Nomination Year: 2000
SYNOPSIS:  A comet passes close to Earth and everybody except an annoying heroine, her even more annoying sister, and Commander Chakotay vanish. After wandering around aimlessly for a while trying to figure out what's going on, they get kidnapped by some surviving mad scientists who want their to use their blood to keep themselves alive.

Worst Science

Comet: For That Deep-Down Clean
A comet flies by the Earth and everyone turns into dust. So much for the limitless energy the guy in Choke Canyon promised us.

Acting Appropriately Stupid

An insanely suspicious-looking guy drives up to an army base. He invites the guard over. The guard comes! He opens the trunk of his car, to reveal a woman's body. The guard says she's dead. Suspicious guy says she's not. So, the guard sticks his head in the trunk to look closer! Where'd they get this guy, Goons'R'Us?

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Robert Beltran "Chakotay" on Star Trek: Voyager 
Catherine Mary Stewart  
Kelli Maroney  
Sharon Farrell IMDb says she once suffered amnesia; that must be when she made this film 
Mary Woronov Was the childhood sweetheart of Harry Chapin; "Mary Bland" in Eating Raoul 
Geoffrey Lewis Clint-Eastwood-film regular and father of Juliette Lewis 
Ivan E. Roth  
Director Claim to Fame
Thom Eberhardt  

Greg Pearson

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