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Karate Cop (1973)
Chuck Norris vs. the Karate Cop
Huang Mian Lao Hu
Slaughter in San Francisco
Yellow Faced Tiger

Nomination Year: 2001
SYNOPSIS:  Don Wong is a good cop. Chuck Norris is an evil mafia-style martial artist. Eventually they fight.

Throw in a murdered partner, unfair dismissal from the police force, and scratchy film stock, blend well, and serve this film in a nutshell. Then throw it the hell away.

Worst Cover Copy

Drawing from Other Sources
The cover is a drawing. The drawing is not representative of what goes on in the movie. The movie is not representative of what went on the drawing. The drawing is on the cover. Savvy?

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Chuck Norris Mustachioed martial-artist; "Walker, Texas Ranger" from the show of the same name 
Don Wong Sometimes credited as Tao Wang 
Chuck Boy  
Sylvia Chang Birth name = Ai-chia Chang sometimes credited as Ngai-kar Cheung 
Sylvia Channing  
James Econmonides  
Robert J. Hercuth  
Dan Ivan  
Robert Jones  
Bob Talbert  
Director Claim to Fame
Wei Lo sometimes credited as William Lowe or Wei Luo 

Kevin Hogan

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