Battle in Outer Space (1959)
Bataille Interplanetaire
The Great Space War
Uchu Daisenso

Nomination Year: 2001
SYNOPSIS:  Description of the movie's "plot" goes here.

Worst Science

Cold Reduces Gravity
It's the secret of their revolutionary new space drive.


Entire Control Booth Teleports In
Somebody forgot to flip the switch on the blue-screen, and the entire control booth apparently teleports in mid-shot.

Worst Picture

The Flying Weinermobile
(clip one) - Not only is there air pressure on the moon, but this clip also features not one but two flying NASA weinermobile craft.

Worst Picture

Selective Gs
(clip two) - As they reach a state of free-fall, there is a general warning issued about the effects of zero gravities. Apparently only one guy is affected, though, so that's OK. He's Comedy Relief Man. Everybody laughs.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Ryo Ikebe  
Kyôko Anzai  
Minoru Takada  
Director Claim to Fame
Ishirô Honda arguably, the father of Godzilla -- in a metaphorical sense 

Anne O'Nymous

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