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Ninja Wars (1984)
Black Magic Wars
Iga Magic Story
Iga Ninpûchô

Nomination Year: 2001
SYNOPSIS:  In Feudal Japan, the strange sorcerer Kashin Koji predicts that whoever can win the love of the woman Ukyodayu shall rule the world. Kashin gives wicked Donjo his five Devil Monks to help him achieve this end. The monks kidnap Ukyodayu's twin, Kagaribi, who kills herself rather than cooperate. Kagaribi's ninja lover, Jotaro, swears revenge against the Donjo and the Demon Monks, and he'll face Hell itself to get it!

Smithee Award Winner! "Wanna Run That By Me Again?"

Why Did We Kidnap This Woman Again?
Donjo reveals his evil plan: "We've kidnapped this woman to make a secret aphrodisiac from her tears...."


Secret Ninja Vomit Powers, Activate!
Our hero is being menaced by one of the Devil Monks. He jumps into a tree, but alas! The Devil Monk has amazing firehose-like projectile vomiting powers, and actually knocks our hero out of the tree by the power of his vomit.

Crummiest Ending

Go to Hell and Die!
Jotaro follows Kashin Koji to Hell to rescue his love. She's on a burning cross. He jumps up, they kiss, they die.
Koji: "He who wins the love of Ukyodayu holds the world in his hand."
The (Crummy) End.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Hiroyuki Sanada  
Noriko Watanabe  
Akira Nakao  
Mikio Narita  
Director Claim to Fame
Mitsumasa Saito  

Bryan Cassidy

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