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Gargoyles (1972)

Nomination Year: 2001
SYNOPSIS:  A father (who happens to be an archeologist -- or perhaps a paleontologist) and his daughter head out to a remote site where a mysterious skeleton has supposedly been found.

They find the skeleton, but something strange attacks, and the evidence is destroyed.

Well, turns out there's a gargoyle infestation in some nearby caves. Does the daughter get kidnapped? Do we get to see gargoyles fly as if pulled along on wires? Does a gargoyle get hit by a car?

Of course.

Most Ludicrous Premise

Must Be in the King Kong Translation...
Yes, that's right. The carvings on medieval churches let us know that gargoyles (much like the elves from Elves) are the spawns of Satan. And every couple hundred (OK, 666) years they come back to earth in order to challenge mankind's supremacy in his dominion over the earth.

"Alas, Poor Yorick"

Old Geezer Gets Whacked
Something heavy (i.e. a gargoyle) hits the roof of the shed containing the gargoyle skeleton while the geezer, the professor, and his daughter are inside. More roof battering, and a lamp is knocked over. The shed catches fire! One of the flaming support beams falls onto the geezer. The professor and his daughter can't move it, and have to flee before the whole flaming edifice collapses.

Stupidest-Looking Monster

Gargoyles...I Think
They look ... goofy. Kind of like a cross between the gargoyles from the roof of a church and a guy in a greenish gorilla suit.


There's Someone in the Back Seat!
As the car bounces along, you can see the knee of the sound guy as he tried to lay flat along the back seat while holding the microphone aloft. You get a little peek at it as well.

Worst Special Effect

Wire They Flying Away?
Look! Up in the sky! It's The Gargoyle That Was Pulled Along On Wires! Oy.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Cornel Wilde  
Jennifer Salt A writer on the fX television series Nip/Tuck 
Grayson Hall  
Bernie Casey Former pro footballer, he plays the stony-faced Big Black Guy in many films, often as a police detective 
Director Claim to Fame
Bill L. Norton  

Kevin Hogan

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