Diary of a Nudist (1961)
Diary of a Girl Reporter
Girl Reporter Diary
Nature Camp Confidential
Nature Camp Diary
Nudist Camp
Nudist Confidential

Nomination Year: 2001
SYNOPSIS:  This one's pretty straightforward. Newspaper publisher is out hunting, and stumbles across a nudist colony. He assigns his most female reporter to infiltrate the camp. She is won over by their wily all-natural ways, and he must brave the camp himself to save her!

Actually, this film is pro-nudist, shot by the infamous Doris Wishman. I also wish to officially note here that her tendency to cut AWAY from the speaker during conversations had my teeth on edge the entire film.

Most Ludicrous Premise

Her boss wants to send her under "cover" into a nudist camp to get the big scoop. And she goes along with it with virtually no protest. Lois Lane she's not.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Davee Decker  
Norman Casserly  
Dolores Carlos  
Charles Allen  
Director Claim to Fame
Doris Wishman Directed a whole series of pro-naturist "nudie cutie" films. 

Kevin Hogan

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