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Desert Kickboxer (1992)
Desert Hawk

Nomination Year: 2001

A half-Native-American Kickboxer accidentally kills an opponent in the ring, and exiles himself to the family trailer house way out in the middle of the desert.

He stumbles across, helps, and eventually falls in love with an accountant who has embezzled millions of dollars from her drug-running boss, and is trying to escape from him ... across the desert.

Can you see where this is headed? Well then, My Work Here Is Done!

Acting Appropriately Stupid

"We're Doing This Wrong..."
They pretend to have the Desert Kickboxer hostage, and she not only believes them, she comes out of hiding to give herself up.

Worst Acting

Michael M. Foley, Interrogator
Henchman Michael M. Foley does an interrogation. He teaches us all about pain, but not in the fashion he intended.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
John Haymes Newton  
Paul Smith Was "Bluto" in the Popeye movie 
Judie Aronson  
Yvonne De Carlo  
Michael M. Foley one of Ballot Bimbo Amy's favorite bad-movie actors 
Director Claim to Fame
Isaac Florentine  

Kevin Hogan

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