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A.P.E.X.  (1994)
Tagline(s):Trapped in a future they didn't create. Fighting an enemy they cannot stop.
 Advanced Prototype EXploration unit
Nomination Year: 2001
SYNOPSIS: In the year 2071 scientists conduct historical research by sending heavily armed robots back in time. When one of the robots malfunctions, they solve the problem by sending even more robots back to destroy it. But something goes wrong (go figure) and the robots end up destroying nearly all life on Earth and changing history. Only Sinclair, the project's chief scientist, survives the transition with his memory of the real timeline intact. Now he has to find a way to restore the timeline and get his life back. If he can survive long enough.
Greg Pearson
Smithee Award Nominations
Crummiest Ending
"I Faced the Nicholas Sinclair of the Paradox World, and All I Got Was This Crummy Ending..."
We start with the hero giving a really tortured voice-over explanation of how the plot was resolved (bonus points for figuring out what the hell he’s talking about). Then the hero goes home, finds his wife mysteriously pregnant, and spouts some drivel about how you can never really go home again. Then an RV drives through desert and a kid asks "When are we stopping for dinner?" "When I stop for dinner," answers his father. "Well, when are you stopping for dinner?" The End.
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Director Claim to Fame
Philip J. Roth Often writer and producer -- very prolific writer and producer -- of Badness. Like Velocity Trap, A.P.E.X., Maximum Velocity, and more. 
Actor Character Claim to Fame
Richard Keats Nicholas Sinclair Dr. Lockhart on "Arrow." 
Mitchell Cox Shepard  
Lisa Ann Russell Natasha Sinclair Was part of the cast/crew of "The Jeff Probst Show." 
Marcus Aurelius Taylor No, not the original holder of this name. The bit actor, like the hanging mailman in Addams Family Reunion, Pragmatic Policeman in Blade, and Hinkle in Black Thunder
Adam Lawson Rasheed The English voice of Shusuke Fuji on "The Prince of Tennis." 
David Jean Thomas Dr. Elgin African-American who plays lots of cops, doctors, and judges. 
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