Cyber Ninja (1988)
Future Ninja
Mirai Ninja
Robo Ninja

Nomination Year: 2001
SYNOPSIS:  In the distant future, the Dark Overlord's evil mechaninja have kidnapped the princess who leads a clan of human warriors. It's up to an aging mercenary, some young warriors, and a mysterious mechaninja who is more than he seems to defeat the evil mechaninja and rescue the Princess.

Stupidest-Looking Monster

One Heck of a Chess Set
That would be the mechaninja with the white china Anubis head. I think he was a planter in a previous life.

Worst Cover Copy

Just Like Star Wars, Kinda
The front cover proclaims, in huge letters, "Nonstop Special Effects Like Star Wars!" The back cover actually has a seal with the same note wrapped around it. Just to make sure, they mention it again on the spine. It is true: Like Star Wars, this movie has lots of special effects. Unlike Star Wars, they're not any good.

Worst Special Effect

Anybody Read Japanese?
The weird neon glowing thing in action. It shoots a laser beam with Japanese characters written on it!

Worst Picture

Happy Birthday, Boss!
Here the evil mechaninja plot their evil strategy. One explains that "this is precisely when the magnetic rays will arouse you" while the other asks "but, what of the Dark Overlord's needs?". Also note that the Cyber Ninja is intended to be a birthday present for the Dark Overlord.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Hanbei Kawai  
Hiroki Ida  
Eri Morishita  
Director Claim to Fame
Keita Amemiya also wrote Zeram and Cyber Ninja 

Greg Pearson

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