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Operation Intercept  (1995)
Aurora: Operation Intercept
Nomination Year: 2001
SYNOPSIS: After a brilliant scientist is murdered by the CIA so that they can steal his invention, his equally brilliant daughter decides to take revenge against the U.S. government by turning terrorist. Now she's using her father's invention to crash civilian airliners and it's up to one Air Force pilot to stop her. But he'd better hurry, because the plane his wife and daughter are aboard is the terrorist's next target!
Greg Pearson
Smithee Award Nominations
Worst Special Effect
When Two Planes Love Each Other Very Much...
A graphic demonstration of why we call this film "Operation Model Planes".
Sorry, this clip has not yet been made available!
Worst Science
So That's Why You Can't Turn On Your TV on a Plane
She's causing planes to crash by sending an electromagnetic pulse via reverse feedback through the planes' GPS systems. Uh huh. Even if we DID buy this (and let me emphasize that we don't), how come the EMP doesn't short out the satellites?
Sorry, this clip has not yet been made available!
Director Claim to Fame
Paul Levine  
Actor Character Claim to Fame
Bruce Payne <Not Yet in Database>  
Natalya Andreychenko <Not Yet in Database>  
Lance Henrikson <Not Yet in Database> "Bishop" from Alien(s), "Frank Black" on Millennium, and in a lot of Bad Movies, too 
John Stockwell <Not Yet in Database> Cougar in Top Gun 
Dennis Christopher <Not Yet in Database>  
Corbin Bernsen <Not Yet in Database> Blond; was on L.A. Law 
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