Incubus (1965)

Nomination Year: 2002
SYNOPSIS:  This is a European art movie disguised as a horror movie ("disguised" in the same sense that a water buffalo would be "disguised" with a false nose and glasses). Kia, the world's least alluring succubus, decides she's bored with taking the souls of the evil and wants to corrupt a man who's pure of heart. Her search leads her to Marc (William Shatner), a war veteran. He falls in love with her, and the question becomes: Who's corrupting whom? But when he takes her into a church, Kia decides this has gone too far and summons the Incubus to take revenge on him. Oh, and in case you don't understand the dialogue (less than usual, that is), it's because this is the only movie ever filmed entirely in the artificial language of Esperanto. Enjoy.

Smithee Award Winner! Crummiest Ending

So Bad, Not Even a Goat Could Swallow It
The Incubus is really stock footage of a goat.

Smithee Award Winner! Worst Acting

Would a William Shatner, by Any Other Language, Act So Excremento?
Marc kills the Incubus and realizes he's going to hell.

Worst Picture

Inescapably Indescribable
Marc fights the Incubus in a stylized art-film battle to the death.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
William Shatner The one and only Captain James T. Kirk of Star Trek -- and infamous over-actor 
Milos Milos Yugoslav who shot and killed Mickey Rooney's ex-wife before shooting himself 
Allyson Ames  
Director Claim to Fame
Leslie Stevens Directed Buck Rogers in the 25th Century 

Greg Pearson

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