Frankenstein Conquers the World (1965)
Frankenstein and the Giant Lizard
Frankenstein Meets the Giant Devil Fish
Frankenstein Vs Godjirra
Frankenstein vs. Baragon
Frankenstein vs. the Giant Devil Fish
Frankenstein vs. the Subterranean Monster
Furankenshutain tai Chitei Kaij├╗ Baragon
Furankensuten to Baragon

Nomination Year: 2002
SYNOPSIS:  Now if I could only conquer my nausea. Here goes. Once upon a time during the War, the Nazis captured Frankenstein's fake-looking heart and put it in a dish of hair gel, where it beat continuously, since Frankenstein can never die. They sealed the heart in a box and delivered to a Japanese research lab, so that the Japs could study it and make incredible medical advances. Sadly, the lab was in Hiroshima. You can probably guess what happened next. Years later, a boy is discovered in the ruins, living on small animals. It turns out that the boy is Frankenstein, and has regenerated from the heart. Some well-meaning scientists take the boy in and feed him. The renewed protein supply causes him to grow and grow and grow. Frightened by reporters, he escapes. Enter Baragon. At first, Baragon's antics are blamed on Frankenstein, whom the world wants to destroy and the scientists want to save. Eventually, the two monsters fight to their mutual (apparent) destruction. There was absolutely no conquering of the world by anyone. Not even the suggestion of it.

Stupidest-Looking Monster

David Letterman Conquers the World!
As he escapes the facility, Frankenstein looks like nothing so much as a 60-foot David Letterman.

Worst Science

Matters of the Heart
The sub captain who delivers the heart to the facility (we'll see him again later) hears the whole, sordid tale about where it's from and what they intend to do with it. "You're joking!" he exclaims at one point. Even he doesn't buy it.

Inane Dialogue

Yeah, in the Same Way Michael Jackson is "Clearly" Black
Here the scientists hold a press conference, and speculate on the "Hiroshima Boy's" origins (they don't yet know it's Frankenstein). The speculators almost unanimously agree that he's "clearly Caucasian." Yeah, right. In the same way that Michael Jackson is "clearly" Black. Well, you know what they say: we all look alike.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Tadao Takashima  
Nick Adams Once the poor man's James Dean, he played Johnny Yuma on TV's The Rebel 
Kumi Mizuno  
Yoshio Tsuchiya Had a part in The Seven Samurai 
Koji Furuhata  
Kenji Sahara  
Director Claim to Fame
Ishir├┤ Honda arguably, the father of Godzilla -- in a metaphorical sense 

Bryan Cassidy

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