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Circuitry Man  (1990)
Circulatory Man
Nomination Year: 2003
SYNOPSIS: This is essentially a chase movie. Lori, a bodyguard, steals a case full of neuro-chips, and heads from LA to New York via the underground tunnels. Her companion is a pleasure android. They are being chased by a psychotic criminal named Plughead (Vernon Wells).
Kevin Hogan
Smithee Award Nominations
Smithee Award Winner!MegaMetaSmithee Award Winner! Best One-Liner
"Why Jack Off...?"
Plughead has captured Lori, Danner, and the briefcase of chips. He tests one with an appropriate bon mot: "Why jack off when you can jack in?"
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Director Claim to Fame
Steven Lovy  
Actor Character Claim to Fame
Jim Metzler <Not Yet in Database> Pops up in bit parts (TV and movies) from time to time. Starred as Danner in Circuitry Man franchise. Was James Huntoon on the TV miniseries "North and South." 
Dana Wheeler-Nicholson <Not Yet in Database>  
Lu Leonard <Not Yet in Database>  
Vernon Wells <Not Yet in Database> Ransik from Power Rangers 
Barbara Alyn Woods <Not Yet in Database>  
Dennis Christopher <Not Yet in Database>  
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