Planet of the Vampires  (1965)
Demon Planet
The Haunted Planet
The Haunted World
The Outlawed Planet
Planet of Blood
The Planet of Terror
The Planet of the Damned
Space Mutants
Terror en el Espacio
Terror in Space
Terrore nello Spazio
Nomination Year: 2003
SYNOPSIS: Description of the movie's "plot" goes here.
Anne O'Nymous
Smithee Award Nominations
Worst Science
Technobabble Alert!
Most egregrious example: "We land in 60 fractions of a megon."
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Best One-Liner
Captain Thinks-He's-So-Clever
The explorers have reached the skeleton of a giant creature sitting in a chair. They leave one of their number to guard it, while the rest move on. The Captain reassures the nervous guard: "If he moves, just call out."
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Smithee Award Winner!MegaMetaSmithee Award Winner! Acting Appropriately Stupid
Stupid Is as Stupid Does
There is a glowing button on the control panel. Female Astronaut touches it, and receives a shock. "What was it?" asks the Captain. "It shocked me," she says, pointing to the button. The Captain reaches out and touches the button himself, also receiving a shock.
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Crummiest Ending
"We Must Stop and Make Repairs"
The vampires have been partially thwarted. The ship has been damaged, and they can't make it home. They also are unable to make it to the home planet of the astronauts who they've infiltrated. They have no choice but to stop at a nearby planet and make repairs. A blue planet, mostly water, large cities, it's ... Earth! The End.
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Director Claim to Fame
Mario Bava Considered a genius by some 
Actor Character Claim to Fame
Barry Sullivan <Not Yet in Database> Was on a bunch of early '70's TV shows 
Norma Bengell <Not Yet in Database>  
Stelio Candelli <Not Yet in Database>  
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