Maxim Xul (1991)

Nomination Year: 2003
SYNOPSIS:  You can tell you're dealing with a high quality film right from the start. It's unrated. There are no promos for other movies at the beginning of the video. It's "Copyright Maxim Xul Ltd. Partnership." And you have to watch it with remote in hand because the audio goes from blastingly loud to completely unintelligible from one scene to the next. I can see Bryan rolling his eyes already. Am I sure this is a real movie? Might it be too cheap even for us? His fears are not entirely without merit. Only one thing can save this movie from ignominious exile to low-budget hell: Batman.

Worst Cover Copy

"Starring Adam West (TV's Batman)"
I could tell you that this movie really stars some guy you've never heard of, some chick you've never heard of, and some other guy you've never heard of and that Adam West is only in (I counted) six scenes. But you already knew that, didn't you? It goes on to say that a Xul is a demon and a Maxim Xul is a really bad demon. "Adam West is a professor who has been tracking the Maxim Xul." No, the hero is a cop who's been tracking the Maxim Xul. Adam West is a professor who's read about the Maxim Xul in a book. "Adam West finally corners it and forces a climactic final showdown with mace and sword." Well, there is a climactic final showdown. And Adam West is there. And he brings a mace and a sword. Which he gives to the hero who's the one who actually fights and kills the Maxim Xul.

"Cutting Butter With A Chainsaw"

Fishing for Info, LAPD-Style
He tries to intimidate people. When that doesn't work, he starts beating it out of people. When that doesn't work, he moves up the ladder to shooting people (or at least threatening to).

Inane Dialogue

How Do You Dress Yourself in the Morning?
"There must be a connection. They all had the same lawyer."
"So, what's the connection?"
Holy shades of the unrefusable challenge, Batman!

Acting Appropriately Stupid

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Interview!
"I think this guy's a serial killer. Let's go interview him."
The bad audio in this clip is due to poor production values in the original, not a bad copy.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Adam West "Batman" from the original TV show 
Jefferson Leinberger  
Richard Ruxton  
Director Claim to Fame
Arthur Egeli  

Greg Pearson

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