Nemesis 2: Nebula  (1995)
(Foreign Titles)
Nomination Year: 2003
SYNOPSIS: Speaking of Olivier Gruner, remember Nemesis? We'll he's not in the sequel. In the future, SkyNet -- I mean, the Cyborgs -- has taken over the world. A child is born to lead the resistance but, fleeing the Cyborgs, Sarah Conner – I mean, his mother -- flees into the past with him. But the Cyborgs learn her location and, when the child is 20, send the T1000 -- I mean, Nebula -- back in time to kill her. As an added bonus, the film is set in East Africa. The first 30 minutes or so consist almost entirely of characters speaking to each other in an East African language. Without subtitles.
Greg Pearson
Smithee Award Nominations
Worst Special Effect
New Olympic Sport: Synchronized Falling
It's amazing how they fall in sequence like that. Almost as through there is some sort of "effect" being used.
Deus Ex Machina
"Unable To Lock Weapons...Interference from Plot"
It's early in the movie, but the Nebula has the drop on the time travelers. It can't kill them, though, because it's unable to lock weapons. And why is it unable to do this? A little screen graphic explains:
"Cutting Butter With A Chainsaw"
Falling on a Grenade, the Not-So-Heroic Version
Guard shot out of tower and falls on his own grenade. An incendiary grenade. Big explosion!
Running along the Road. Kinda.
She's on the road! She's not on the road! She's on the road!
(Depending on whether we're talking long, medium, or close-up shot.)
Sorry, this clip has not yet been made available!
Director Claim to Fame
Albert Pyun Director who seems to have a "thing" for tech/android/cyborg movies: Cyborg, the Nemesis series, Omega Doom, and others. Sadly, that "thing" is Bad. 
Actor Character Claim to Fame
Sue Price <Not Yet in Database> Nemesis 2 through 4 are the complete arc of her film career to date.... 
Chad Stahelski <Not Yet in Database> Has been a stunt double for Brandon Lee and Keanu Reeves 
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