The Base 2: Guilty as Charged (2000)
The Base 2
The Base II
The Base II: Guilty as Charged
Guilty as Charged

Nomination Year: 2003
SYNOPSIS:  More like "Debased, Too," but I digress. Antonio Sabato, Jr. stars as Murphy, an undercover military cop investigating first a sergeant selling arms illegally, then a colonel who runs an extreme vigilante squad. They grab people who've gotten off lightly at court martial (like the aforementioned sergeant), and do the "human hunt" thing on them. Of course he must join the death squad to do this, and when his cover is eventually blown...guess what? Bonus question: One of the squad members is a sexy female. Guess what?


I Thought I Heard Something, But It Was Just a Guy Hiding behind That Log
The super-highly trained Colonel, expert tracker, etc., etc. (and he *demonstrates* his prowess in the scene) thinks he's shooting at the latest human prey. Instead, it's Murphy, whom the rest of the squad thinks is back at the base, cleaning M-16s (he hasn't been accepted into their inner circle yet). WHOEVER the Col. believes is nearby, don't you think he would see/look/deduce someone behind a log 10 feet away within his line of vision? Geez, he sees half a boot print from a dozen yards and knows it's military, but doesn't follow where the print points to -- a hiding-place four feet away!

"Let's Up The Rating To 'R'"

Wow, She IS a Real Tight-Ass
She's no-nonsense military. Hero-worships the Colonel. Regulations all the way. Won't touch the other squad members (all male) with whom she's been working for years. Antonio comes along and...bang! They're partying at the Perfect Place to Celebrate: Chez Motor Pool

Deus Ex Machina

They've Got Me Right Where I Want Them
Antonio gets to be the prey, now. He falls into a tiger trap. And kills two trained vigilantes. Somehow.

"Cutting Butter With A Chainsaw"

Little Truck Fire --> Big Building Explosion
I don't know what was in that truck or building but, man...

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Antonio Sabato, Jr. Hunk action figure was Jagger Cates on General Hospital; much famouser son of Smithee-movie-vet father 
James Remar Was baddie Ganz from 48 Hours, long in the face actor went on to Sex in the City and other, uh, action projects. 
Duane Davis Hulking African-American; was the dumb, dead football player in Beetlejuice, McKinley on Sisters, as well as a cop in An Alan Smithee Film: Burn, Hollywood, Burn 
Yuji Okumoto Plays bit Japanese parts, usually 
Melissa Lewis  
Deron McBee was an American Gladiator under the name of "Malibu" 
Director Claim to Fame
Mark L. Lester  

Bryan Cassidy

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