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War-Gods of the Deep (1965)
City in the Sea
City under the Sea
War Gods of the Deep

Nomination Year: 2004
SYNOPSIS:  See, Vincent Price is the Lord of this undersea kingdom. It might be Lyonesse, or it might be something else, but there are gill men, and there's this volcano which is causing earthquakes and somehow threatening the pumps which pipe heat from the volcano. Which used to be dormant.

And Vincent is the God of the gill men. Or the King. Or Death. Or something.

Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Statuary
The Hand of (a) God (Statue) literally comes down during an earthquake and traps Vincent Price.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Vincent Price Undisputed Master of the Macabre; his distinctive voice and appearance have graced a huge number of horror flicks 
Tab Hunter Famous actor of the '60s; Starred in Damn Yankees! and had his own TV show 
Susan Hart  
David Tomlinson Was the father in Mary Poppins and had many other Disney roles, like in Bedknobs and Broomsticks 
John LeMesurier Prolific British character actor; voice in BBC's radio production of The Lord of the Rings 
Director Claim to Fame
Jacques Torneur  

Kevin Hogan

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