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5 Angry Women  (1974)
Escape from Cell Block 3
Five Angry Women
Women Unchained
Women's Penitentiary 6
Women's Penitentiary XIII
Tagline(s):From the hell of a woman's prison to their terror-filled hell of escape!
 No man is safe once these animals are unleashed!
 From the hell of a woman's prison to the hell and mayhem of escape!!
 ESCAPE is all they wanted...VIOLENCE is all they knew!
Nomination Year: 2004
SYNOPSIS: Five women break out of an all-woman prison. They attempt to make it to Mexico.
Kevin Hogan
Smithee Award Nominations
Worst Cover Copy
Warning: This Cover Has Been Modified from the Film's Original Version
The text of the cover is as follows:


"The inmates of a woman's prison suffer cruel and unspeakable tortures from their jailer and each other."

They're in prison for about five minutes of the movie.

"Five angry women plan a daring escape to free themselves from the violent monstrosities which is ... PRISON."

Either "violent monstrosity which is" or "violent monstrosities which are" -- pick one -- and there isn't any planning in this film, they just break out, and that happens before the 10 minute mark.

"These women take it on the lam in search of help to make their escape complete, getting no help from family members, they resort to taking a hostage to get them across the border for their freedom."

Nicely encapsulating the middle hour of the movie in a run-on sentence.

"Their escape heightens to a bloody battle between civilized law and the convict's law."

Um ... no it doesn't. One escapes. One dies. Movie's over.


No, in fact the women in the film are actually somewhat more attractive than the women on the box.

"Box Design (c) 1988 by Tapeworm Productions"

Tapeworm? That explains it.

Director Claim to Fame
Ken Osborne AKA "Kent." Directed Nude Aerobics in 1991. Classic. 
Actor Character Claim to Fame
Carolyn Judd Baby  
Teri Guzman Jaycee Sometimes "Gusman," sometimes "Guzmán"... Who'm I fooling with "sometimes?" She only has the two credits. 
Darlene Mattingly Tina  
Angel Colbert Luchia Two of her three credits were Smithee films. 
Bonita Kalem Rachel  
Cheryl Waters Susan  
Bruce Kimball Tom Travers AKA "Michael Alden," he played small parts. But a lot of them. 
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