Black Shampoo (1976)

Nomination Year: 2004
SYNOPSIS:  Mister Jonathan owns the most popular hair salon on Sunset Strip. His new receptionist is on the run from the mob, however, and when they break up Mister Jonathan's joint trying to intimidate her, you know that trouble can't be far behind.

Smithee Award Winner! Best One-Liner

Mister Jonathan's receptionist/girlfriend goes back to her old mob boyfriend. He hates it. Just can't resist getting in that one last dig: "But your hair looks like shit that way."

Worst Picture

Mister Jonathan's House Call
Mister Jonathan's house call. He is supposed to be styling a client's hair, but instead her two daughters proposition him. He refuses, and his client then threatens to call the police unless he has sex with her, on the chair by the pool, to show her daughters that she's still top dog. "Lady ... I just want to do your hair...."

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
John Daniels  
Tanya Boyd Celeste Perrault on Days of Our Lives 
Anne Gaybis a few dozen small parts of the decades, many uncredited 
Director Claim to Fame
Graydon Clark  

Kevin Hogan

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