Neon City (1992)

Nomination Year: 2004
SYNOPSIS:  For a change, it's after the apocalypse (this one caused by NASA laser experiments which destroyed the ozone layer). A cross-country bus departs for Neon City. Aboard are a bounty hunter (Michael Ironside), his prisoner (Vanity), his ex-wife turned hooker, the bus driver (Lyle Alzado), a spoiled rich girl, a stand-up comic who sells euthanasia drugs on the side (if you'd seen his act, you'd want euthanasia drugs, too), a drugged-out murderer impersonating a doctor, a spoiled rich girl, and a mysterious Asian guy who turns out to be the scientist behind the apocalypse. On the road to Neon City, they'll have to face bandits, extreme weather, their own inner demons, and the fact that they're in a movie with Lyle Alzado.


Vanity Precognitively Falls Off Her Bike
They do a bunch of jump cuts here to try to hide how bad this effect is but, in the last clip, you can see that she screams and starts to fall before the spear enters the frame (and that it misses the bike by a good foot).

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Michael Ironside Interchangeable with John Saxon 
Monte Markham made his Broadway debut opposite Debbie Reynolds in "Irene" in 1973 
Robert Brian Wilson  
 Vanity Canadian 
Lyle Alzado Neon City was his last film role 
Marcia Dangerfield receives a modicum of respect (she's not related to Rodney) 
Director Claim to Fame
Monte Markham primarily an actor 

Greg Pearson

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